HERE SHE IS — Chapter 1: In the waiting room

Sarah had embarked on a journey, transitioning from her life as an Uber driver to embrace the role of a cybersecurity analyst.

She wanted a fulfilling career with stability and financial security, setting high expectations for herself. She had worked tirelessly to be there.

However, reality proved more intricate than she had imagined. Instead of the assured tranquility she had yearned for, she found herself haunted by the relentless specter of self-doubt, her nights pierced by the lonely, sleepless hours of introspection.

She was drenched in sweat, her heart racing. She clutched a crumpled paper to absorb the moisture. The room itself was a hushed cocoon of anticipation, its walls absorbing the collective anxiety of those who waited. Her thoughts raced, a tumultuous whirlwind of self-doubt and frustration, every second stretching into an eternity. She couldn’t help but wonder how her path had veered to this unplaned situation.

This wasn’t the script she had written for her life. She was the eternal optimist, the one who lifted others with her infectious enthusiasm. Yet, here she is, confronting her own inner battles in the solemn hush of that waiting room. It was a stark reminder that even the most radiant souls could find themselves in the darkest corners of their own minds.

Sarah is a cybersecurity analyst, she embarked on this journey a mere 18 months ago. For three years, as an Uber driver, she dedicated herself to relentless study, fueled by a profound belief that a cybersecurity certification would unlock a future rich in financial security, stability, and profound purpose. Numerous research studies have conveyed the same findings.

The Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) in the US projects employment of information security analysts to grow 33% from 2020-2030. Also, the median annual wage for information security analysts in the US was above $80,000 in 2022. That would abviously lead to a confortable career. But here she is…

It was 11 am, and she had arrived on time for her medical appointment. Yet, she endured an impatient wait for 20 minutes until the doctor’s call broke the silence.

As she looked at the newcomer, her surprise was evident. There stood a young doctor, radiating youth and vitality. Surrounded by a crowded waiting room, and before seing the man, she assumed this doctor must be one of the esteemed veterans that typically garnered respect and recognition in their field. Doctors often earn it after reaching the age of fifty or beyond .

His name was Dr. Wire, the name seemed strange to her, but she didn’t want or dare to ask about the Dr’s origins.

He led her into the medical office. Here, she felt safe to share her most personal and even darkest thoughts, secure in the knowledge that society’s judgment held no sway within these walls.

As in a typical medical appointment, Dr. Wire began the conversation by asking the question: what brought you here?

She took a long breath and said:

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